Back Pain

Cut-away of a person suffering from back pain.

Dr. Brice E. Vickery had by 1986 discovered the major causes of back pain and proved the observations with thousands of successful treatments. As director of Connecticut Holistic Chiropractic Offices his results were documented in two separate studies: A fifty case study without selection (as they came in the door) (see graph) and a 2000+ degenerating disks study that is recorded in his doctor’s training video “The Confirmatory Challenge Test” ©1990, where the diskal lesions were identified with a combination of CT scans, thermograms, later MRI, plethysmographic and doppler measurements, CCT and BEV tests, as well as orthopedic and neurological testing. The CCT and BEV Tests are kinesiological tests that are not yet accepted procedures. These procedures are allowed by the FTC and the FDA under “Emerging Science”. This “never fail” method” (in the hands of experts”) can be, and is being reduplicated by Vickery trained doctors. THERE IS NO CONVENTIONAL PRESENT METHOD THAT CAN EQUAL THESE RESULTS.

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Amino Acid Markers and Protein Metabolism and Production Indicator chart
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X-RAY of Damaged Spine

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The major discovery in these advancements was that 9 out of 10 patients were NOT utilizing dietary PROTEIN. Every doctor in the World used to think that if serum protein was in the normal range (6.0–8.0) – no problem. They are starting to change their minds – 20 years later! Dr. Vickery found out that this IS THE LARGEST SINGLE REASON FOR DISK DEGENERATION WHICH IS THE MAJOR CAUSE OF BACK PAIN. If you surf you will find the med schools and chiropractic colleges STILL DON’T HAVE A CLUE! Go to Stanford, Dartmouth, or: Los Angeles Chiropractic, National Chiropractic and you’ll hear the same old, exercise blah blah, rest blah blah, emotional blah blah, and sickening repetitions and variations of, ”We don’t yet know what causes back pain!” Dr. Vickery also discovered the answer with his patented formula Platinum Plus (Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus US Pat. 6,203,820, International Patent A61K38/01) which starts diskal lesions healing in 10 hours. Since the numbers agree, WHO (World Health Organization) 9 out of 10 will have back related pains, (Vickery) 9 out of 10 are protein deficient in utilization, it shouldn’t take a genius to figure it out. So you are faced with two roads: The natural course which is presented here which also improves your entire health at a high level WITH STRAIGHT POSTURE:

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“Or the alternative...”

Surgeons and images of metal bolts used in back surgery
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Doctors reviewing x-ray

Low back pain is the most prevalent cause of disability in people under age 45, and of the $27 billion spent on all musculoskeletal trauma $16 billion is spent in the management of low back pain, more than half of that $16 billion being spent on surgical treatment.

If you have any of the following back pain symptoms, contact a doctor immediately:

  • Pain is worse when you cough or sneeze
  • Pain or numbness travels down one or both legs
  • Pain awakens you from sleep
  • You are finding it difficult to pass urine or have a bowel movement
  • Pain is accompanied by loss of control of urination or bowel movements

Back Pain Cause

Back Pain Cause
Important Information About The True Origins Of Backpain

If you search the Web to find the so called state-of-the-art causes for ordinary back pain, and
if you are astute enough, you may perceive that prestigious Medical Schools such as Stanford and
Cornell, don’t have the foggiest notion as to the cause; they do a fine job of finding what
IT IS NOT! But, the common order is diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. If you can’t
diagnose it, your chances of correct treatment are very slim indeed. The point will be discussed in
more detail under Back Pain Diagnosis.

Dr. Brice E. Vickery, a Holistic Chiropractic Physician and Applied Kinesiologist had by 1986
solved most of the riddles. He discovered that the majority (9 out of 10) of his patients were
not utilizing their dietary protein to rebuild their tissues but rather converted much of it to
sugars and burned it as fuel or stored it as fat. The enzyme systems of digestion and the rest of
the body were found to be in a downward spiral. The body having a strict order of preservation,
(such as the top priority, brain) eventually ended up robbing the other tissues until they could
steal no more. The “Enzyme Bank” (Dr. Edward Howell) starts to become bankrupt –
decade by decade. The result is that protein, calcium and other minerals come out of the bone, out
of the cartilage, and especially the fibro–cartilages that are designated intervertebral disks.
The glands malfunction.

In 1986 and subsequent years, Dr. Vickery taught doctors and his patients that there ARE NERVES in
the spinal disks. This was not being taught in the schools of Medicine, Chiropractic, Osteopathy,
or Naturopathy. Subsequent events have proven that Dr. Vickery was correct thirteen years ahead of his time.

The degeneration of the spinal disks was not determined by ordinary means. These only find the gross,
end stages of diskal deterioration which become visible to ordinary doctors by means of CAT Scans
(Computerized Axial Tomography) MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and very gross neurological signs and symptoms.
The average X–ray tells nothing about what is going on in the disk. He labeled this as THE MAJOR CAUSE OF BACK PAIN.

With the deterioration of the diskal substance irritating degenerative substances are developed which
irritate the nerves in the disk, which are connected to the spinal cord by the Recurrent Meningeal
Nerves, which as the process becomes severe, causes backpain and muscle imbalance. Actually the
Meridians of Acupuncture are also involved and no amount of needling can permanently correct this

With the development of beyond state–of–the–art tests by Dr. Vickery the major
causes and locations of the diskal deterioration were discovered.


  • Protein Digestion/utilization lack.
  • Vitamin C Complex Deficiency.
  • Iodine Deficiency.
  • Sulfur Deficiency, needed in cartilage and it’s lack causes arthritis* spinal and all joints…



With a finding like this in his practice (which was routine) Dr. Vickery became able to predict the
presence of diskal deterioration in his patients BEFORE EXAMINING THEM! The causes of Back Pain then
are mainly diskal degeneration from two sources:

  • The nutritional deficiencies.
  • The resulting mechanical change in posture.

Once the disks have no direct blood supply the resulting change in uneven loading leaves the compressed
side of the disks at a severe or impossible disadvantage in absorbing the nutrients from the normal
delivery system of the vertebral end plates. Much like compressing a sponge between your hands in a
bucket of water, very little water can get into the sponge!


Back Pain Diagnosis

Back Pain Diagnosis

Important Information for Advanced Diagnosis of Backpain

Most back pain diagnosis is like the rest of the diagnostic procedures — done from the outside and trying to look into the body. Take the three most common procedures for examining the spine and it’s disks. The X–ray and the CAT scan are both seeing into the body from without. The CAT scan makes the X–rays three dimensional and it is computerized into a visual picture. The MRI does the same thing with lines of magnetism. The variation from this for added perspective is the injection of a contrast medium into the spinal canal. This, by the way, is where the mortality tables start with shock reactions to the contrast media. Also infections are introduced into the spine. This can be real backache. It ran around 2% mortality. Two out of a hundred — died at this stage; could be worse.

Then there are the more physical tests such as the orthopedic tests, neurologic tests, palpations, trigger point tests, Electric Myological tests for muscle and nerve conduction. These are standard and have value as do all of the other tests. The point is all of these test are reaching into the body to “see” in or to “pull out” and examine, such as blood tests.

There has been in the Chiropractic profession developed means of testing the body from WITHIN! The doctors don’t crawl into the body but are able to literally ask the body “what’s wrong?” And the body answers! It is done all the time with the checkups on your new car. The dealer’s computer inquires of your auto’s computer as to any low or outright malfunctions. A Buick dealer stated that he could test for about a hundred things that might be going wrong. The doctor’s knowledgeable in these skills can do between four and five hundred points on the body that light up under examination in a way similar to the red light on your dash, coming on when the battery dies!

Dr. Brice E. Vickery, a world leader in the treatment of back pain developed two tests for the spinal disk lesions. They are the BEV Tests and the Confirmatory Challenge Test (CCT) which consistently are better, safer, and virtually free when included in a routine examination. Compare that with $1500 for the MRI or the CAT Scan! (Insurance dollars are YOUR dollars)

Using the BEV Tests for less obvious diskal lesions it becomes routine to find that besides the areas of complaint the entire spine is deteriorating. To see how the BEV Tests benefit both the doctor and the patient look at the side by side pictures of a lateral view of how the spine looks to doctors using the conventional methods and one using the Vickery tests. The spine with the single disk lesion is what can be discovered by a doctor using say, a CAT scan. The one with the blackened disks all through the spine is what the advanced methods can detect! This has all been put on video for the training of doctors that would like to learn these methods.

View of spine using CAT scan next to the more precise BEV Test view.

The Confirmatory Challenge Test was the first test developed and was the beginning of the amazing revelation that diskal degeneration was common THROUGHOUT THE SPINE. This test is used as the primary diagnosis in patients that cannot stand upright very long, have a positive CAT Scan diagnosis, or have very serious pain. It is for big, serious, diskal lesions.

One other universal error with all of the healing arts has been that they thought that the nerve had to be literally “pinched” by the encroaching diskal lesion before there was cause to worry. The truth about this is now just coming out. The INTRADISKAL LESIONS are as pain producing as the mess discovered by the CAT Scans.


Back Pain Nutrition

Back Pain Nutrition

Important Information on Nutrition and Backpain

Having conquered Back Pain, what is next? Can the Amino Acids that are contained in Vickery Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus, and Vickery Essential Amino Acids™ be obtained from the food that we eat? Do we have to take them forever? These are the questions that Dr. Vickery answered tens of thousands of times. The nutrition that we get from our food is no longer sufficient for our needs. It was all right in the Garden of Eden but, we were ejected. Then man really “improved” things with the cooking and preserving of meat, pasteurization of our dairy products, our orange and fruit juices, our canned food. We can keep it forever now but the trouble is that it has become “dead” food! Everything that we ate in the Garden of Eden was alive!

The enzymes that were present in the live food were destroyed. These enzymes according to Dr. Edward Howell and Dr. Howard Loomis augmented our “enzyme banks”, a limited capacity to make digestive enzymes, because the LIVE FOOD HELPED US TO DIGEST ITSELF! It is for this reason that Dr. Vickery recommends that everyone make an effort to ingest at least 50% of their food in the natural state. The average person might have trouble doing even this much.

Even with this effort it is necessary to take the Amino Acids because they are in what is called free form or individual Amino Acids. They are in the perfect proportions and in sufficient amounts for the pancreas and small intestine glands to manufacture THE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES THAT IS NEEDED TO DIGEST THE REST OF THE DAILY DIETARY PROTEIN. The body then gets the total amino acids from the meat, eggs fish, nuts, AND PROTEIN POWDERS that are part of our daily diets.

This is the most neglected area of healing. MOST of the most famous doctors in the world don’t KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PROTEIN PROBLEM. If they did they would have solved the Back Pain problem years and years ago. They wouldn’t be fooling around with things like glucosamine sulphate and chondroiton sulphate. They will however shortly become aware that Platinum Plus is 100% more effective because it starts the entire enzyme cascade from the digestive glands to the 3 billions cells of the entire body. And it is number one in Back Pain, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia.


Back Pain Prevention

Back Pain Prevention

Important Information on Prevention of Backpain

The prevention of Back Pain is claimed by many types of disciplines and there is usually an element of truth and success for each of these. But none, repeat none has ever gotten it altogether into one provable method.

There is a lot to be said for constant exercise for so many of the body⁏s systems are benefited by that it should be a constant throughout life. It becomes progressively more injurious if there are deficiencies present. Decade by decade the damage accumulates not only in the spine but the cardiovascular, and even the osseous structures are effected.

In the Connecticut Holistic Chiropractic Offices, Dr. Brice E. Vickery demonstrated that the attaining of the individual’s Straight Posture was a part of the final restoration of his patients to full health whether there original complaint was Back Pain, Hypoglycemia, Fibromyalgia or Migraine headaches with or without TMJ. Dr. Vickery is listed in “Who’s Who In Medicine and Healthcare” 1999–2000.

Some of the most necessary nutrients THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY required to heal the injured, degenerated spinal disks are also necessary to maintain a Straight Posture! It has previously been mentioned that there are two basic causes of the disk’s breakdown: The nutrient deficiencies, and the mechanical compression of the disks unevenly. This is true also for the gliding joints of the vertebrae also. This is where the true prevention is practice.

Dr. Vickery in millions of observations concluded that the Category 1 Distortion is the basic distortion of the body (as viewed from front to back). This observation was originally made by Dr. Major DeJarnette, one of the bright lights in the healing arts. Dr. Vickery observes that the majority of the human race walks, lives, breathes with this distortion if not corrected. This is what it looks like:
Category 1 distortion of the spine.

Dr. Vickery with another first, lists 15 different reasons why this distortion returns and has determined a correction which is specific to each cause, yet mechanically similar in the appearance of the correction. The good news is that most of the causes are nutritional and that the re-occurrence of the Cat. 1 Distortion begins a hunt for the deficiency and it is eliminated. The first and most important is again protein, Cat. 1LP (for protein) The second is caused by Vitamin C complex deficiency : Cat1 L C etc. This is the foundation then not only for the prevention of Backpain but the new plane that is good health and PROVEN by maintaining correct posture. Not the other way around as some of the Chiropractors propose. They claim if they can straighten your spine mechanically that you will have good health. They haven't done it in a hundred years and without the necessary elements of nutrition and the neurological knowledge they won't do it in a million! (Dr. Vickery has offered a $1000 challenge for the last 15 years concerning the Cat 1. No one has ever accepted the challenge.)

A summary then for Backpain Prevention and Good Health:

  • Find a doctor who can determine these deficiencies and maintain your health and your posture. When all of your needs are maintained you may be able to stay straight for years without ANY need for correction. But, quarterly checkups help. Most people, feeling good, start to cut down on their Amino Acids or vitamins and are surprised when symptoms return and the doctor is capable of finding what they did! That is the REAL beginning.
  • Stay on the nutrition that healed you (with some adjustments) FOREVER!
  • Even ABC’s MD had the courage to admit that he has been wrong — ALL THESE YEARS and stated, “I’ve changed my mind — Today you need nutritional supplements!”
  • Exercise! First you will feel like it when you stay well, second it is important to keep your muscles toned relevant to what your physical goals are. The least is to be able to stand upright for 8 hours — The ultimate might be a marathon or weight lifting competition. That is the individual decision.

Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

Important Information for Advanced Treatment of Backpain

When a doctor, any doctor of any kind, can with certainty diagnose a condition, he is halfway or more to the treatment — ordinarily. Since it has been established through the advanced diagnostic methods of Dr. Brice E. Vickery that back pain is a deficiency disease it should be immediately clear that ALL of the methods now in current use can be observed as exercises in futility. At least for the long run that is a lifetime. These can be found in abundance searching the web.

Let’s take a look at a graph that compares the success of the Vickery Method vs. (from right to left) The Neurologist (non–surgical), The Chiropractor (hands–only), The Osteopath, The General Practitioner (using drugs), The Orthodpaedist (using drugs), The Chiropractor (using shotgun nutrition and physiotherapy) The Acupuncturist, The Psychiatrist (using drugs), The Chiropractic Applied Kinesiologist, (using more specific nutrition, glandulars and specific tests), and the Vickery Method (which stands alone in identifying protein as the primary problem). These results are so startling that most professionals don’t believe them. Yet not one in the last 15 years has ever accepted Dr. Vickery’s $1,000 challenge!

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This study was done on fifty patients as they presented themselves and is a very respectable sample for a study. In the thousands of persons that Dr. Vickery and his associates treated the same rate of success was achieved.

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A new medical treatment is worthy of mention here which is called IDET (intradiskal) electrothermal annuloplasty) in which a catheter is inserted through a needle directly into the disk. The catheter has a thermocouple that heats the disk for 14–17 minutes at 194 degrees. It can be called “Boil–A–Disk.” This brings up some interesting points:

  1. How is the appropriate disk determined since most failed surgeries are the result of operating on the disk that the Scans showed? (The wrong disk!)
  2. If there is a natural way to correct these disks that has a higher rate of success -98% vs. 80% reported isn’t that better and more cost effective than spending $7000 and being cast “adrift” to do it again?
  3. It is wrong in principle — creating a possible infection site and dead zone. Hippocrates “Do thy patient no harm.”
  4. It does prove what no one would believe 15 years ago: that the disks were the major cause of back pain and that a spinal nerve didn’t have to be “pinched” to cause agonizing pain.

The Vickery Method of Backpain Treatment

Years of trial and struggle have resulted in a simple, logical, measured every–step–of–the–way, healing, not of the disks in question but the WHOLE BODY! Clinically all kinds of conditions clear up when the disks are treated because their deficiency is the body’s deficiency. Back pain is only one of the things that respond.

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Cut-away of normal and damaged disks.
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  • In the initial exam the patient’s deficiencies are found and the appropriate nutrition is supplemented. Nine out of ten need Vickery Essential Amino Acids. The special vitamin C Complex and Iodine are supplied in professional formulas that are guaranteed because they have been tested millions of times.
  • Where the patient has been able to carry on his daily work — he is not seen for one week. This gives the patient time to rebuild the “glue” (collagens and glycosaminoglycans) that was supposed to hold his body together in the first place.
  • Re–examination usually reveals that all of the spinal disks are healing and the other procedures that are necessary to maintain fully functioning muscle, nervous, and acupuncture ( meridians ) are now rapidly achieved, 2- 5 visits. By this point the patient has maintained a straight posture and may hold it as long as there are no deficiencies.
  • The patient is instructed to remain on the maintenance Back Pain Package as long he wishes to remain healthy and is seen quarterly (every three months) if he wishes. This is a Wellness Practice!
  • The serious disk cases where they could not stand up were treated with the same nutrition but were seen immediately and every other day — Mon–Wed–Fri until out of the woods. They required absolute rest but never needed pain relievers as the amino acids act as pain relievers also. They were treated manually — by hand with a method developed by Dr. Vickery. No Chiropractic or Osteopathic manipulations (which can precipitate surgery). No drugs were ever used!
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The rest of the treatment took the same course to a straight and fully functioning person. A person should not need endless spinal or other adjustments!