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In 1983 we made a startling discovery, which started out very simply (to us) and evolved into the intricate, unfolding science presented here. This has happened basically within the last decade through the efforts of men and women who are no less dedicated than we were in 1983, and remain so to this day. We cannot thank them enough.

Through the studies of Applied Kinesiology (Dr. George Goodheart) and Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (Dr. Rheinholdt Voll), I became aware that through the energy systems of the body, the body would respond to specific questions and asked a series of ever increasing sophisticated questions regarding nutrient balance, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and in most cases the levels and locations of these. This remains the reasons why these methods were and are, superior to conventional methods in explaining the bacteria, viruses, metals and other immunogenic substances that precipitate the new hunt for the continuing chronic inflammations after the “first round with the pathogens” has been apparently been successful. The energetic methods described easily enable the identification of these infections known as “latent infections” and are described by the real researchers as small colony variants, (s.c.v.). We believe because of three decades of evidence outcome therapy that this may be the most significant cause of the mysterious chronic inflammation that alters the blood and correlates with 75,000 strokes and 1,200,000 heart attacks (2004).

Though our search was focused on spinal disk lesions in which we had world class success we found by searching the pancreatic Voll Points which he identified as basically protein, fats, carbohydrate, we found a universal amino acid (protein) deficiency in over 90% of our patients. Proper free form amino acids formula (Vickery Essential Amino Acids) that rapidly started the healing of one of the densest cartilaginous structures in the body (eight hours).

Our association of this giant amino acid deficiency now includes most of the known diseases, infections, and cellular alterations that are known. Fibromyalgia, the “mystery disease” is being conquered because it is impossible to have this so called syndrome without having a long standing amino acids imbalance or related celiac disease. All the orthodox doctors have to do is perform serum and other amino acid profiles and they will enter the 21st century.

In 1983 we said, “My God, how can this be?” We had the questions and we had the answers but- the details had to be filled in -------where was science? These pages will be full of the science from hard working researchers – and some of our own.

Dr. Brice E. Vickery
President, SuperNutrient Corporation